PCB Design

The PCB is made so a 4x2 2.54mm female connector can be soldered on its side so you can attach the ESP 01.

On the side there are 2.54 male connectors so you can plug it in a breadboard.

The smallest size I could find for the 47uF capacitors was 0805 while for the other passive components I chose to go for 0603.

The power traces have a width of 1mm while the others are 0.25mm wide.


  • 4* 0603 Resistor

  • 4* 0805 47uF Resistor

  • 2* 0603 LED

  • 1* SPX3819M5-L-3-3

  • 2* 1TS003B-2500-3500A-CT Tactile Switch

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